Kennel Toxaris

You chewed up my shoes, you little brat.

You ate my cellphone, you tortured the cat.

You killed my glasses, you peed in my car.

You chewed up my cables, you angered me by far.

You stole a few burgers, when dinner was made.

Then on the couch, you threw up where you laid.

You brought fleas in my house, how i itch like mad.

You just stood and watched, you thought i was glad.

Yet even though you have made me mad, due to you,

i never get sad.

You lick my hand when i feel down.

You make a smile, out of my frown.

Despite what you`ve done, and all the things you chew.

You will know in your heart, i will always love u... <3

        A dog`s soul

Every dog must have a soul, somewhere deep inside.

Where all his hurts and grievances are buried With his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad, the wrong way from the right, and where his judgement carefully is hidden from Our sight.

A dog must have a Secret place, where every thought abides, a sort of Close aquaintance that he trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for himself, he cannot speak,

rebuked, he finds within his soul, the Comfort he must seek.

He`ll love, tho he`s unloved, and he`ll serve, tho badly used,

And one kind Word will wipe away, the times when he`s abused.

Altho his heart may break in two,he`s love will still be hole,

Because god gave to every dog, An understanding soul! <3 <3


   Wanneville  Jettys Diamond 

    Sire: CH Harkline Robbie The Bruce jw

    Dam: Rufflad`s Spinderella

Sox er import fra England og en superherlig hund som lever et supert liv hos sin forvertfamilie, hun hadde ett kull i England før hun kom til Sverige. To av avkommene lever i Sverige. Vi har ikke planlagt noe kull på henne i nærmeste fremtid, så får heller tiden vise hva det blir til. Hun har vært litt på utstilling og gjort det kjempebra, hatt plassering nesten hver gang og 3 cert, hun er en skikkelig showhund som trives i ringen.



                                                             2btk: 1

                                                           3 btk: 2

                                                              ck:   6

                                                             BIR: 1

                                                             BIM: 2   

                                                          CERT: 3

                                      Sbt open show 2010: nr 2 unghund

                                                       sandgrunn 12.06-10 dommer  :James Beaufoy

kritikk: beautiful standard size, black brindle, balanced well thru out, lovely feminin headshape, correct muzzle lenght to scull, sound bite, lovely expression, well prop tapering neck blend, well into topline and shoulder ang, level topline, maintained under movement, correct boned quarters, sound rear hindquarters, moved very well, balanced from all angels.